Organizing Made Easy

Organizing Made Easy

Does organizing your home seem a little overwhelming? Here are four simple steps to make your project a little more manageable.


Step #1 – Divide and conquer

Don’t try to clean all the clutter at once. Divide your cluttered areas into small sections that may be easily tackled in the time allotted. That way you won’t become overwhelmed before you even get started.


Step #2 – Keep up your enthusiasm

Start in a small space (an entry closet, mudroom or even a desk) that may be organized quickly. If a large space begins to overwhelm you, you’ll be able to look back, clearly see the progress you’ve already made…and give yourself that much-needed boost of energy to finish the larger space.


Step #3 – Involve the entire family

Getting everyone’s ‘buy-in’ will enable everyone to keep the area organized. Also, make your children responsible for their own mess. Give them time to pick up toys before bed or before friends leave.


Step #4 – Don’t undo your good work

Be sure you have a home for everything and allow a few minutes at the end of each day to get any clutter under control.