Organizing Your Bath…a quick guide


  1. Begin anew…Start by removing everything from your vanity drawers, cabinets and medicine cabinet. It’s probably been a long time since these areas have been cleaned, so take this time to clean and sanitize each area.



  1. Toss your tired products…If the product doesn’t have an expiration date, label it with the purchase month and year to help you remember how old it is.



  1. Make most used easiest to use…Don’t waste time rummaging through a dopp kit, seeing all of your options at a glance can help make your mornings more efficient. Use small drawer organizers so you may customize them to your personal needs.


Closeup of two shelves of a medicine cabinet. A bottle of tablets, cotton balls and cotton swabs and assorted jars and bottles of soap and lotions. Square format.

  1. Don’t panic….Be sure to store your disposables – cotton balls, Q-tips, toilet paper – in see through containers so you’ll know when you’re running low.


set of twisted colored terry towels isolated on white background

  1. Keep it simple…If you know you aren’t one of those who will perfectly fold each towel, keep your bathroom looking neat by corralling them in a basket.



  1. Never run out of room…You can find more storage area by simply looking up. Claim space over your toilet by using inexpensive shelving for toilet paper, towels or anything else. Use a hanging basket to save space in the shower.