Organizing Your Closet…a quick guide

wide wooden dressing room, interior of a modern house

  1. Remove everything…Yes, I mean EVERYTHING. Find a staging area where you can place every item from your closet. Take this opportunity to completely clean your closet – walls, shelves and floor.



  1. Try on everything…This will help you determine which items you will keep. If you are the indecisive type, ask a friend to give you honest opinions on each item.

A large corrugated box with a "Donations" sign and filled with an assortment of warm, winter clothing. On a white background.

  1. To donate or to toss…As you determine items aren’t keep-worthy, decide whether you are going to donate or toss them. Use bins or bags to separate these clothes from your rest. Be sure to remove the bags/bins that same day, don’t leave them in your room to collect dust.


Pink, purple, crimson, bright green and turquoise women's T-shirts lie piles on a white background.

  1. Sort sensibly…Sort your clothes in categories that make sense to you. Some examples are: by garment type, by season or by use. Clothes may also be sorted by color.


Choosing shirt. Man take one of shirts hanging on a metallic clothes rack

  1. Put it up…Place each item back in your closet, making your most-used items easily accessible. If you’re short on space, find creative ways to store purses, shoes and other items on our Facebook page. Don’t waste precious time or money by purchasing storage items or hangers until you know exactly what you need.


Walk in closet with organized clothing

  1. Enjoy!…Step back and enjoy your newly organized and functional closet.